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Uptime (stability) is the most important factor of web hosting/servers. The very first idea of this website was provide coupon codes to help people save money. After several months, I realized that one can not save money if buying low quality product and service. Most of time buying low quality product/service wastes more time and money.

That’s the reason and target of this page, help you get a better understanding of tsohost before placing your order.

Tsohost Uptime Report

Uptime is an easy window to see webhosting providers’ quality. It’s normally refers to monthly uptime. The average number for a “quality” provider should be more than 98% and more than 99.5% for top providers.

Click here for the Tsohost Uptime Report:

How Can I Be sure the reliability of uptime data

  • Here I choose http://www.samfergusondesign.co.uk/ from show case on index of tsohost website(IP: You can check the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) info of this website from bgp.he.net, which clearly shows this ip belongs to “UK Webhosting Ltd”. From this page, Tsohost is a brand name of UK Webhosting Ltd(PARAGON INTERNET GROUP).
  • The uptime data is coming from third party monitor service provider – Host-tracker and UptimeRobot. Everyone can monitor www.steatite.co.uk and compare to the data on page linked above. You are appreciated to share your monitor result, please post your comment below.

Other Way to Get Info of Tsohost uptime / Server Statue

Here are some resources below might help you get tsohsot server statue:

  1. Tsohost Server Statue Page: http://status.tsohost.com/
  2. Twitter: @tsohost
  3. Support System: Support center

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